Is New Faces Talent Academy an Agency?
No, New Faces Talent Academy, or NFTA, is a very reputable training and development company operating in over 15 locations across Australia, with the head office based in Melbourne. The company was created to enable people in the industry, especially parents, to be able to navigate through the minefield of agencies and other companies that do try to take advantage of those wanting to follow this as a career.

What are the FREE Workshops and Information Sessions?
NFTA is part of The Fusion Entertainment Group. Fusion holds Free introductory workshops and Information sessions around Australia. The Workshop is an introductory step into acting, helping break down barriers and gives you a feel of what it is like to work with other Actors. The information session is designed to help performers better understand the industry, explains key players, how a performer actually books a role and helps you to identify red flags and who to steer away from.

What does NFTA actually do?
NFTA acts like a recruitment company for agencies around Australia. We look for talent that we feel will gain benefit from our programs and over 8 weeks we train them key components of the industry and to be “Agent Ready”. At the end of our programs we showcase the performers to a panel of industry professionals such as Agents, Casting Directors, Film Directors, Producers, Fashion Labels etc. The panel’s primary focus is to provide real industry feedback to assist in further development along with looking to represent talent with-in their own companies.

Could I get an agent without joining NFTA?
Absolutely, but our focus is not to just get you any agent, but to get you on your way to the right agent. There are many companies out there that will take on new talent without training or the right tools, but usually, they will ask you to pay high joining fees or join their internal databases for a fee. NFTA does not work with agencies whose primary focus is to boost their books with fee paying customers. We only deal with reputable agencies that have a track record of success and are in the business to help performers get work.


How does the process work?
NFTA carries out regular auditions in every state. We commence with a 45-minute presentation of the industry which includes what to look out for with production company and agents. We also discuss who we are, who we are not, and what we are looking for. From there the performers individually audition with our mentors. At the end of the day, we select those we want to work with and give a “call back” to attend a more in-depth interview to discuss our views and move forward with acceptance into the academy.

Does everyone receive a callback?
Absolutely not. Some people assume that as there are costs involved that surely everyone receives a callback. This is far from reality. NFTA has a reputation to uphold in the industry to bring trained talent to our showcases, otherwise, our panel would not be interested in returning. We do not, however, base all our criteria on talent. If we feel that someone will get benefit from our workshops from a personal development point of view then we will offer to work with them, but this is done with full transparency and expectations are very clear.

Are there costs involved?
There are no costs to apply and audition, but, as NFTA is a training academy then yes. If selected, there are costs associated with workshops, photos if you don’t already have them etc

How much does it cost?
This varies depending on what areas of the industry we feel you would get benefit in. You may have a desire to follow all aspects such as acting, modelling, singing, and dancing, but ultimately we need to make sure that your expectations are realistic and therefore would not want you to pay for something you do not need. Our Base introductory program is $150 or you can enrol in our full 8-week program including being showcased to top-level agents and casting directors for only $1200.

How can I find out more?
Our contact numbers are always on our website or you can call our audition team on 1800AUDITION anytime.